The World Needs Introverted Leaders!


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As an introverted leader, are you frustrated with:

  • the pressure to be an extraverted leader?
  • being misunderstood as aloof, quiet, shy or anti-social?
  • being overlooked or being pigeon-holed in your career?

Are you tired of:

  • feeling anxious about speaking up enough at meetings?
  • always feeling exhausted or drained after networking or group interactions?
  • not wanting to be an introvert?

Are you disappointed at:

  • not allowing yourself to play bigger?
  • the lack of understanding from others about your need to process information alone, in your own time?
  • the lack of support for introverts in the workplace?
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Hi! I'm Amanda, and I'm a proud introverted leader!

But it took me a whole lot of unlearning and relearning to be able to say that ...

Now I have a career and live a life where I am truly 'free to be me'.

I'll guide you to step fully into your power as an introverted leader, by realizing your true gifts and purpose, and building your emotional and spiritual intelligence, so you no longer have to pretend to be somebody you are not, and you can achieve success on your own terms.

But first, let me tell you a little about my own personal journey to becoming 'free to be me!'.

Like so many introverts, I've always known that my ability to dive deep into my inner world, to see the connections in all things, and to bring a deep compassion into my interactions, could set me apart as a leader.

But from a very young age I was told I was quiet (as if it was a bad thing). My natural defence was to become even quieter, which developed into a shyness around people who I felt would judge me - particularly those in authority.

My Personal Transformation

Through much inner work to grow my emotional and spiritual intelligence, I discovered ways to deeply value my introversion while being able to bring my full natural self, gifts and talents into my life and work. I also discovered that there was a direct link between the need to replenish my social batteries in quietness and alone time, and the low self esteem that caused me to play small, to be invisible.

By growing my self esteem, eradicating my shyness and honouring my introverted needs, I discovered a deeply empowering way to shift how I feel about me, and my beliefs about how the world works. I now enjoy a life filled with joy, peace and a powerful freedom to be me. Life has become an amazing adventure, filled with incredible synchronicities, driven by my deep sense of purpose.

Read more about my personal story here.

Too many introverted leaders get overlooked for promotion.


We have grown up in a world that values the extroverted traits of charisma which has led to the rewarding of unhealthy behaviours such as being a talker at the expense of listening, being able to raise your voice above and even railroad others, and rushing to decisions without too much thought and planning for the short term benefits driven by ‘just get it done’.

Introverted leaders do not operate like this.

But we often force ourselves to be extroverted in work situations, which ends up feeling inauthentic, doesn't get the results we are looking for, and is absolutely exhausting.

This often leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy. We'll withdraw our energy, keep our thoughts, feelings and ideas to ourselves, and get labelled as quiet, reserved, unassertive, lacking in confidence, and ultimately not seen as true leadership potential.

This pigeon-holing leads us to be overlooked or not even considered for future promotions or career-enhancing opportunities.

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“We don't need giant personalities to transform companies. We need leaders who build not their own egos but the institutions they run.”
Susan Cain, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

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The Good News Is We Can Change This!

By Realizing How Powerful We Are

When we realize how powerful we are, we can choose to bring who we really are to our work in a way that gets our introverted needs valued and respected. We share our insightful ideas and opinions more readily while managing our energy so we don't get burned out trying to be something we're not. We use our exceptional skills in empathy, insightfulness, self awareness, and collaboration to build an inclusive culture in our team, and to impact the wider organization.

Do you want to use your exceptional skills in empathy, insightfulness, self awareness, and collaboration to lead an inclusive culture in your organization?

Do you want to eliminate the ways you still hold yourself back and step into your full authentic power and potential as an exceptional leader?

Do you want to embrace your quiet influence so you can elevate your unique trajectory as a significant leader in your organization by building a team of influential advocates?

Do you want to become recognized as a game-changer through your strategic thinking and emotional intelligence, and elevate your reputation and career trajectory?

Too many introverted leaders are forcing themselves to be something they are not to fit in with the culture and to get promoted.

At The Free-Spirited Introvert, my goal is to help you realize you don't need to change who you are, but change how you feel about yourself to flourish as a leader. When you change how you see yourself, the world changes how it sees you.

Introverts make great leaders. In fact the world needs introverted leaders to step into their full gifts to make the workplace a more caring, equitable, inclusive and just environment in which everyone can thrive.

Join me on a journey to expand your creative and strategic influence, and begin role modeling the leadership qualities that will transform your organization's culture - beginning immediately by walking taller, feeling lighter and brighter, and ready to make a meaningful impact!

Introverted Leadership - A New Charisma

It's time, as introverted leaders, we demand to be seen, heard, valued and elevated!

Introverted leaders often excel at the leadership qualities of empathy, self awareness, listening, strategic thinking, and staying calm within chaos, all essential for creating psychologically safe and inclusive work environments.

We have great opportunities today to shine as exceptional leaders and to bring our highest selves to our work.

You're In The Right Place!

Are you wanting the freedom to be yourself, with no apologies?

Do you recognize it’s time to stand up and shine, to play bigger and to be recognized as the great leader you know you are?

Then let’s get started together.

Having been written off as a leader because of my introversion in my late 20s, I have spent the last 25 years discovering the root causes of non-inclusive work cultures, and diving into my own personal inner work necessary to truly value and step fully into my unique gifts and talents.

The Free-Spirited Introvert is a culmination of my life's work to date and my deepest desire to support other introverted leaders into stepping more fully into their free-spiritedness. I have taken all of the learnings from my own journey and distilled these down into specific tools and practices to help you accelerate your own journey to rediscovering your true brilliance and uniqueness, to valuing your quiet intelligence and foresight, and leading with an impact beyond your expectations.

Curious about how you can find this deep sense of value and freedom to be yourself? I’m so glad you’re here. I guide introverted leaders in introvert-friendly ways to step fully into your quiet brilliance so you can say “I’m free to be me!”.

What Kind Of Introverted Leader Are You?

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The world needs introverted leaders to bring our quiet brilliance and ability to make the workplace a more caring, equitable, inclusive and just environment in which everyone can thrive.

But not all introverted leaders are the same! We each bring our unique gifts, strengths and capabilities to our leadership. What kind of introverted leader are you?

I'm Talented: Talented introverts think deeply and strategically about everything! Our insights and perspectives are sought after, and when expressed fully can elevate the success of projects, workflows and strategic plans.

I'm Fearless: Fearless introverts recognize and value our uniqueness and refuse to play small to fit in. Rather than being seen as outliers, we access our innovative perspectives and creative expression to influence the world around us.

I'm Authentic: Authentic introverts are self aware and do the inner work to bring our unique inclusive skills to the benefit of everybody. Our journey is to walk taller, feel lighter, and bring our whole selves to our leadership to make a meaningful impact.

I'm Free-Spirited: Free-spirited introverts are talented, fearless and authentic. By playing bigger, and owning and embracing our charisma, we discover that powerful influence comes through being able to truly believe and say, "I'm free to be me!".

Young asian business woman in dark suit holding up sign saying I'm Free To Be Me!

Because the modern world has valued extroverted leadership, introverted leaders have so often been overlooked, under-estimated, and perceived as lacking strong leadership qualities.

Well it's time that perception changed!

At The Free-Spirited Introvert I'm on a mission to change the narrative about introverted leadership!

Check out my blog post "Who Decided Introverts Don't Make Great Leaders?".

Wherever you are at on your journey to freeing and embracing your true potential as an introverted leader, I have built specific resources and programs to support you from my own journey as an introverted leader.

Here's my wishlist for you - I want you to be able to say:

My Gifts: I work in an environment where my introverted gifts of insight, self awareness, empathy and collaboration are truly valued.

Opportunities: I am not limited in the opportunities to demonstrate my creativity and leadership.

Authenticity: I allow myself to step into my authentic power and potential as an exceptional leader.

My energy: I choose how I use my energy so I don't get burned out trying to be someone I'm not.

Relationships: I manifest authentic relationships with people who value me, respect me, and don't want to change me!

Powerful Reads On My Blog

Grab your favourite cuppa, find somewhere comfy to sit, and dive into my insightful blog posts, published monthly to help you see your experience from a fresh and empowering perspective. From embracing the new leadership charisma of the introvert, discovering how to avoid the introvert hangover and enjoy making connections, to easy steps that will enable you to shine in meetings, it’s all here to inspire you to take the steps to be free to be you …

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Explore The 'Shorts'


The ‘shorts’ are my 2-minute reads or quick videos to guide you with simple ways to be your true authentic self. No need to pretend to be an extroverted leader here!

In these ‘shorts’, I go straight to challenging the outdated beliefs and behaviours that hold introverts back from expressing their brilliance. I'll gently challenge you to look lovingly at your inhibitions, to care deeply for your own success, and to realize that so much you believe about yourself and the world, just isn’t true.

This growing list of ‘shorts’ will become your ‘go to’ learning portal to check into before you attend a meeting you are anxious about, or when you need to connect with an influencer in your organization to support your goals or agenda. We’ll explore self-esteem building habits, tips for having an impact without needing to put on your extrovert cloak, and essential ways to be your own advocate in your career and life through authentic self promotion rather than misguided arrogance. You bring the motivation to allow yourself play bigger. I'll bring the inspiration!

Programs Through Our Online Academy

What My Clients Say

So much self discovery and professional growth. I gained much confidence that I can be and achieve anything I set my mind to. I connected to the leader I am from the inside out.

I now view situations with a different lens, my expectations of myself have become different and new situations, that typically I'd be uncomfortable with, have became very manageable as I now have a strategy to work with.

Most importantly I would say learning to be nicer to myself. I learned I have pretty negative self talk and Amanda helped me acknowledge that and explore ways of working past that.

Amanda is kind, knowledgeable and supportive. She understands what it means to be an emotionally intelligent and empathic leader, and she helped me learn how to use those talents to find more job satisfaction.

Amanda was a great source of inspiration, knowledge and has the ability to bring out underlying issues and have reliable, viable solutions to solve issues of conflict and misunderstanding.

Amanda is amazing to work with! She has such a kind demeanor with exceptional ability to draw out areas of opportunity. I look forward to each session and come away with valuable and practical tools/advice/ideas to implement/use.

I was feeling burned out and uninspired at my job and looking for support with making a change. I was seeking clarity on how I could best use my talents and find a job that utilized them better. Amanda's wonderful and will gently and skillfully help you find clarity in your career and life. I took the leap and left government to start my own business. I'm now training to be a coach too! 

Amanda's coaching style is super effective in guiding one to deeper self discovery and pulling out the best in you.

I recommend Amanda's coaching services to anyone interested in true self discovery and transformation. For any professional path, we need coaching support to launch us on the right track, and this is exactly what you'll experience with Amanda. Amanda is amazing, very friendly and professional and personable.

Amanda was a great source of inspiration, knowledge and has the ability to bring out underlying issues and have reliable, viable solutions to solve issues of conflict and misunderstanding.

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