Meet Amanda

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Hi! I'm Amanda.

Ever since I was a young child I can remember living in my own little world. I was always daydreaming, trying to understand the world I was living in. My inner world was a safe haven. I learned very early on not to express my feelings, a coping strategy that evolved into a way of being, and I became a shy, self-conscious child. This crippling shyness and self-consciousness followed me, through my teenage years, into my adulthood.

Through much inner work to grow my emotional and spiritual intelligence, I discovered ways to deeply value my introversion while being able to bring my full natural self, gifts and talents into my life and work. I also discovered that there was a direct link between the need to replenish my social batteries in quietness and alone time, and the low self esteem that caused me to play small, to be invisible.

Learn From My Transformation

By growing my self esteem, mastering my self consciousness and honouring my introverted needs, I discovered a deeply empowering way to shift how I feel about me, and my beliefs about how the world works. I now enjoy a life filled with joy, peace and a powerful freedom to be me. Life has become an amazing adventure, filled with incredible synchronicities, driven by my deep sense of purpose.

Come work with me and I will share with you all my secrets about how to shine as an introverted leader.

The Free-Spirited Introvert is a culmination of my life's work to date and my deepest desire to support other introverted leaders into stepping more fully into their free-spirited leadership potential. I have taken all of the learnings from my own journey and distilled these down into specific tools and practices to help you accelerate your own journey to rediscovering your true authentic self as a leader so you can say

"I'm free to be me!".

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Amanda's Professional Bio

Amanda embraced her own personal journey from a shy introvert who was overlooked for leadership in her early career, to holding senior positions in HR, to becoming a sought-after organizational consultant, and to establishing herself as a thought leader as a published author and speaker.

Amanda understands the inner work required to powerfully embrace our introversion. Through her organizational development expertise, she also knows how to implement the inclusive practices and equitable systems that are essential for organizations to implement to ensure that:

  • the critical qualities of their introverted leaders and employees are valued and elevated;
  • and that introverts experience as equal an opportunity to shine, thrive, and succeed as their more extroverted colleagues.

As a highly experienced leadership and team facilitator, and certified professional diversity coach, Amanda's foundational expertise has been working with applied emotional intelligence for the last 25 years at both the personal and organizational level. Through this lens, she supports introverted leaders to leverage their quiet brilliance, and guides organizations in shifting their talent management processes to elevate and include their introverted talent.