Elevate Your Personal Brand As An Introverted Leader

21 Days to Purposeful Impact

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Amanda, I’m blown away, it’s like you’ve captured my thoughts and feelings, I never realized what I was experiencing, while I thought I was all alone in what I was thinking, unique let’s say. It’s actually a great feeling to know this. It’s been such a great experience working with you, you’ve provided me with so many tools to better myself and have the courage to have conversations whereby it was my self-doubt holding me back.

Stand Tall In Your Leadership Presence

Without Having To Be An Extrovert

  • Do you want to thrive at work while managing your energy so you don't get burned out trying to be something you're not?
  • Do you want to speak up in meetings in a strategic way rather than holding yourself back because someone else has already shared the same idea and you don’t want to sound repetitive?
  • Do you want to lean into your quiet intelligence so you can influence more effectively around significant people or challenging situations?

Imagine yourself ...

Standing taller as you recognize and own your unique leadership gifts and skills and how essential they are for the 21st century workplace.

Sharing your quiet intelligence through specific strategies that enable you to have a voice without needing to be extroverted or inauthentic (ie. something you’re not).

Recognizing when you hold yourself back so you can shift your energy in the moment to allow yourself to play bigger and achieve the impact you are seeking.

Here's how you can achieve this through How To Elevate Your Personal Brand As An Introverted Leader: Purposeful Impact In 21 Days.

WEEK 1 - STAND TALL. You will take a look in the mirror to own your unique gifts, talents & quiet brilliance, so you can own your leadership presence by getting clear on your unique leadership capability and stand tall in your introversion.

WEEK 2 - PLAY BIGGER. You will explore your leadership purpose by getting to the heart of what’s most important for you as a leader, so you can lead through something that is bigger than you and release any limiting ego.

WEEK 3 - SHAKE IT UP! You will create a strategic approach to raising your visibility without having to be an extrovert, and build authentic, purposeful connections to elevate your influence and impact as a powerful leader.

In addition to the weekly, bite-sized video series and powerful worksheets you will receive 5 daily insights via email to get you thinking more deeply about that week’s learning assignment.

You will build your own Introverted Leadership Blueprint including a Strategic Networking Map to kickstart your personal brand development so you can continue to build on this over the coming months as you lean more fully into your quiet charisma and lead with deeper purpose.

You’ll also get lifetime access to our online academy where you will find all the elements of your online course. In addition, you'll receive early release of all new blog posts, video shorts and free resources uploaded to the Free-Spirited Introvert website.


This mini-course is for you if you are a talented introvert who thinks deeply and strategically, and who wants your insights and perspectives to be valued and elevated in your organization. You know there is a way you can show up differently and you are ready to do the inner work needed to bring your brilliance front and centre, and to step fully into your leadership potential.

This mini-course is not for you if you are looking for quick hacks or a magic wand that just won’t work without doing some inner work to own your leadership power, OK?

I recommend Amanda's coaching services to anyone interested in true self discovery and transformation. For any professional path, we need coaching support to launch us on the right track, and this is exactly what you'll experience with Amanda.


Bonus 1: You’ll get an additional worksheet to help you identify your Leadership Gift Energies and the shadow stories that can derail your leadership impact.

Bonus 2: You’ll also get access to a quiz to identify your introverted superpower along with the free guide ‘4 Steps to Shine In Meetings’

Bonus 3: And you’ll receive Amanda's e-book ‘3 Mindsets Essential to Succeed as an Introverted Leader’

Your investment in this learning-packed 3-week mini-course today is just


That’s right – you get 3 weeks of powerful, learning insights, strategies and exercises loaded with Amanda's coaching guidance, AND the 3 bonuses above, all for the awesome price of $197. That's less than the cost of a 45-minute coaching session with Amanda!

So are you ready to kickstart your personal brand journey today?

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Estimated Time: 3 weeks

Difficulty: Level 1: Foundation

How To Elevate Your Personal Brand As An Introverted Leader


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