Courses for Introverted Leaders

Most leaders today need to be strategic and inclusive, leading from behind or from within, to elevate their teams through vision and insight, and by connecting with each team member at a personal level.

These programs will give you the confidence as an introverted leader to step into your full power so you can authentically express your deeper wiser self in a way that others value and celebrate. The tools and strategies I built initially for myself, have been adapted and streamlined to help accelerate your personal journey and growth as an introverted leader. Let's take you from feeling misunderstood, overlooked or from playing small, to being recognized as a powerful influencer who leads with compassion, self awareness, foresight and quiet intelligence.

Let's go deeper than how to be more extraverted.

I'll teach you how to deeply value your unique gifts, talents and skills yourself so you can share these in a significant way that demands recognition and celebration. Then you'll never have to question your value again and see this play out as a self-fulfilling prophecy through lack of opportunity or impact.

Together, we’ll grow your personal brand as an introverted leader so others start to take notice of your presence without you having to jump up and down, demanding to be seen. Then, we'll explore how you can be an integral part of your organization’s goal to build an inclusive culture where everyone thrives.


8 Weeks to Play Bigger

as an Introverted Leader Challenge

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Our Self-Guided Study Program

Want to move from quiet high performer onto the high potential bench? This is the course that will kickstart your journey to recognizing yourself as a powerful leader. I’m sharing the same strategies that helped me go from being overlooked as a leader in my early career, to sought after influencer, with corporate career, entrepreneurial and life success.

How will you do this? By becoming more fearless!

You are a talented introvert who thinks deeply and strategically about everything! Your insights and perspectives need to be valued and elevated. In this self-guided study program you will explore ways to champion your ideas and insights so your contribution elevates the success of projects, workflows and strategic plans.

My self-guided program helps you to recognize and value your uniqueness and encourages you to stop playing small to fit in. Rather than being overlooked, you will find your voice, your fear of the spotlight will subside, you will find ways to be more than a significant contributor, and you'll be recognized as someone who can lead others to perform at a high level too.

4 Month Introverted Leader Masterclass

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Lead Transformation Through Quiet Charisma

You have already broken through barriers to being recognized and valued as an introverted leader by playing bigger and leaning into the fear that has held you back in the past. You continually strive to be your authentic self, yet you are aware there are areas where you still lack influence, and where you play small rather than stepping fully into the spotlight.

Leveraging Your Unique Ability To Be Inclusive

Most leaders today need to be inclusive as well as strategic, able to lead from behind or from within, to elevate their teams through vision and insight, and by connecting with each team member at a personal level.

Introverts are often great listeners, demonstrating their leadership excellence through empathy, understanding, and a genuine interest in their colleagues' perspectives. Introverts also tend to be introspective and thoughtful, and often portray an aura of authenticity and sincerity, essential for quickly establishing trust and respect. In addition, introverted leaders are often calm and composed under pressure, which can be a powerful asset in challenging situations by staying focused and level-headed, and providing stability and guidance when it is most needed.

This is the new charisma of leadership. Charismatic leaders are predominantly skilled communicators who are able to connect with others on an emotional level and build strong relationships based on trust and respect. Check out my blog post "Introverted Leadership: The New Charisma".

My '4 Month Introverted Leader Masterclass: Lead Transformation Through Quiet Charisma' virtual cohort-based program is a comprehensive, deep dive into owning your authenticity and inclusion capability. You will embrace your quiet influence so you can elevate your unique trajectory as a significant leader in your organization by building a team of influential advocates. You will become recognized as a game-changer through your strategic thinking and emotional intelligence, and elevate your reputation and career trajectory.

If you’re ready to truly recognize your leadership value and make the final push through your own barriers towards a career with unlimited success, then you’re ready for the 4 Month Introverted Leader Masterclass!



This course can be run as an in-house talent development program, designed specifically to meet the unique development needs and leadership challenges of your introverted leaders within your organizational culture. It will also help you to elevate the status of inclusive leadership as an essential skillset in your leadership bench.

Email me at to arrange a call to discuss your specific introverted leadership programming needs.

The Free-Spirited Introverted Leader

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Our Executive Coaching Program

You are a seasoned introverted leader:

  • already highly valued and supported in your organization, and who is never overlooked for promotional and growth opportunities;
  • a business leader or solopreneur who has reached a significant level of success due to your purpose, passion and confidence.

However, you know there is still a part of you that holds yourself back, either from powerfully expressing your views and influencing executive decision-makers or stakeholders, or from putting yourself forward for that ultimate job or next level of success.

A New Level of Inner Freedom

Inside this exclusive, 6-month individual executive coaching program, we'll work together to grow your executive presence and influence — complete with emotional intelligence-based 360 feedback, powerful spiritual intelligence based coaching and development, and personal vision and brand elevation.

You will connect at an even deeper level with your deeper wiser self who is innately powerful, and who is quietly waiting for you to experience the true expanse and freedom of who you really are.

What My Clients Say

I loved your feedback around using the word “better version” of myself. You explained this very clearly why this should be thought of differently. Thank you for that perspective!  It has been an absolute pleasure working with you! Thank you for your time, attention and coaching. It has all been extremely helpful and enjoyable!

Really appreciate all of your insights and found your tips on areas to further explore in preparation for interview to be especially helpful. You have been a terrific coach throughout!

I feel so blessed our paths have crossed! I took copious notes of your input - the big picture, stretch into leadership ……… - and it suddenly feels like the good karma I’ve spread around me throughout my life is boomeranging back towards me. Thank you for seeing deep down into me and for propelling me to focus on my own big picture and on the good I bring to my world. I promise I will take care of myself!

Thanks for all of your coaching and feedback.  You are very good at what you do, and I will continue to reflect on this experience and use the tools I acquired on an ongoing basis throughout my career.

Amanda is kind, knowledgeable and supportive. She understands what it means to be an emotionally intelligent and empathic leader, and she helped me learn how to use those talents to find more job satisfaction.

I have a whole new perspective on myself and others. I have been able to lean into my abilities as a leader. My approach and thought process has changed considerably - I feel I am in a much better position to develop and support team members and colleagues.

I recommend Amanda's coaching services to anyone interested in true self discovery and transformation. For any professional path, we need coaching support to launch us on the right track, and this is exactly what you'll experience with Amanda. Amanda is amazing, very friendly and professional and personable.

So much self discovery and professional growth. I gained much confidence that I can be and achieve anything I set my mind to. I connected to the leader I am from the inside out.

I viewed situations with a different lens after working with Amanda. My expectations of myself became different and new situations, that typically I'd be uncomfortable with, became very manageable as I had a strategy to work with.

Amanda was a great source of inspiration, knowledge and has the ability to bring out underlying issues and have reliable, viable solutions to solve issues of conflict and misunderstanding.


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