The ‘shorts’ are my 2-minute reads or quick videos to guide you with simple ways to be your true authentic self. No need to pretend to be an extroverted leader here!

In these ‘shorts’, I go straight to challenging the outdated beliefs and behaviours that hold introverts back from expressing their brilliance. I'll gently challenge you to look lovingly at your inhibitions, to care deeply for your own success, and to realize that so much you believe about yourself and the world, just isn’t true.

This growing list of ‘shorts’ will become your ‘go to’ learning portal to check into before you attend a meeting you are anxious about, or when you need to connect with an influencer in your organization to support your goals or agenda. We’ll explore self-esteem building habits, tips for having an impact without needing to put on your extrovert cloak, and essential ways to be your own advocate in your career and life through authentic self promotion rather than misguided arrogance. You bring the motivation to allow yourself to play bigger. I'll bring the inspiration!

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4 Steps To Shine In Meetings!

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